Unlock Telus Device Using the #1 Tool

Unlock Telus Device, we all know that companies are always looking for new ways to make money. Unlock Telus is one of the newest offerings that will allow customers to end their contract without penalty and buy a new phone from any carrier they want, but it isn’t available everywhere yet. Unlock Telus helps you unlock your device by providing an Unlock Code so you can use your handset with other carriers should you wish to do so. Unlocking telus devices is not always possible depending on what type of agreement or payment plan you have in place with the telus company.

Why is important to Unlock a Telus Device?

Unlock Telus Device
Learn how to

Although you usually have the right to unlock your phone from it’s original carrier, whether or not that is a good option for you depends on where and when in Canada will be traveling. If roaming fees are an issue then unlocking might make sense which happens in most cases as the prices are too high.

Higher chance to sell your device

Unlocking your Telus device is the key to unlocking its true potential. Unlocking your phone provides you with the option to replace the carrier SIM card in my phone upload any other compatible service at your discretion.

This means if you want to sell your phone you will have a higher chance of selling it if it is unlocked, which means you will get more money for your device. Unlocking process of a Telus Device Unlocking Telus devices can be challenging but we have created an easy way for you to do it.

Why using SafeUnlock to remove the carrier lock?

Our Unlocking process is 100% guaranteed by our team of professionals who work around the clock 24/365 Unlock Code providing customer service in order to assist you if needed with any issue related about unlocking your device.

When it comes time for us to provide you an Unlock Telus Code, we do it fast and accurate which can Unlock your device in less than 60 seconds on average. You can expect to use any other carrier in no time, thanks to our Carrier Unlock feature.

What do I need to unlock my device?

Before hand you will need the IMEI number, also known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity Number is a unique 15 or 17 digit serial number assigned to all GSM mobile phones so that their identity on the network is recognized by service providers.

Get your IMEI

IMEI number on Android: To get IMEI number on Android, go to settings and then open about phone. The IMEI number will be at the end of the “status” section.

IMEI number on iOS: Go to settings then about, and scroll all the way down until you find “serial number”. The IMEI will be above this.

Will I be able to use any provider?

Yes, Unlock Telus Unlocking will allow you to use any carrier in Canada and the world. You will receive an USSD code that will send the right pattern to your wireless provider to grant access to unlocking services.

What is an USSD code?

Telus Unlocking USSD codes are the key to unlock your device. It is a way for you to send information via text messages using only numbers which will be used by your carrier Unlock Code .

How do I know if it’s safe?

We have developed this method over years of experience knowing how carriers work, SafeUnlocks is safe thanks to a robust database encrypted via SSL certificated.

Is Unlocking a phone legal?

Unlocking your device from original carrier is 100% Legal in Canada, there’s no law that states otherwise for now. This even works if the contract has no expired.

Can I use it if the device is blacklisted?

Yes, this method does not restrict the usage from such circumstance, we also allow unlocking on this events:

  • Reported as lost or stolen
  • The device has not been fully paid
  • The contract has not expired.

As you can see the Carrier Unlock tool by SafeUnlocks is the best way to get rid of your current provider without any risk.