Carrier Unlock Canada

Are you tired of being restricted to a single carrier? With SafeUnlocks you can say goodbye to those problems. Our free-to-use tool allows any phone to be unlocked regardless of the condition. This means that you will be able to remove the carrier lock from your device regardless of the carrier, province, or type of device you are using. We invite you to try out our tool if you want to get rid of this annoying issue that affects thousands of Canadians on a daily basis.

Even though carriers are not allowed to sell SIM-locked devices anymore in Canada, some people bought their smartphones before that and now need to look for carrier unlocking options. That’s why in SafeUnlocks we have put ourselves to the task of creating a comprehensive guide to carrier unlock any mobile phone, so keep reading because all the necessary information has been put in one place just for you!

Let’s check if your iOS or Android Phone is locked to its Carrier!

It is super important to confirm you’re really dealing with a network lock or if your phone has another type of problem (like an IMEI report or some sort of technical issue). The great news is that this is very easy, you can try inserting a SIM card from a different provider to see if it works or even use an online IMEI SIM-Lock checker. In fact, you can verify whether your device is locked to its carrier or not through its settings app, let’s see together how!

How to see my Phone’s SIM-Lock Status – iPhones

If you own an Apple device, simply go to its settings and the general tab, and then select the “About” option. Once there, you’ll simply have to scroll down until you see the “Carrier Lock” tab, which will say “No SIM Restrictions” if unlocked.

How to see my Phone’s SIM-Lock Status – Android

  • For Samsung:
    • Settings >> Connections >> Mobile networks >> Network operators.
  • For Google Pixel:
    • Settings >> Network & Internet >> SIMs >> Networks.
  • For LG:
    • Settings >> Network & internet >> Mobile networks >> Network operators.
  • For Motorola:
    • Settings >> Network & Internet >> Mobile Network >> Advanced.

Contacting your Carrier to Unlock your Phone: Policies and Steps

If you already confirmed your smartphone is definitely locked to its original network provider, then the first alternative to consider is to contact that company and ask them to remove the restriction. However, submitting your request doesn’t mean they’ll immediately unlock your phone because there are certain prerequisites and steps to follow, but don’t worry, we’ll quickly explain how the process works with the principal providers in Canada.

How to Carrier Unlock a Bell Device

To remove the SIMlock from your smartphone, you’ll need to make sure it’s not flagged as lost or stolen, associated with any kind of illegal activity, and that your account is in good standing. The SIM-unlocking process directly with Bell is very easy, completely free, and is done through your MyBell account; if you want to learn more, check out the article Bell has available for their customers.

How to Carrier Unlock a Telus Device

As it happens with the other carriers, you can only place your request if you’re the original owner of the device and have its proof of purchase. Also, it’s very important that the phone’s IMEI number doesn’t have any blacklist report and that the account is not linked with any fraudulent activity. To remove the SIM lock from your mobile device with Telus, use their virtual assistant and follow the instructions to receive your unlock code.

How to Carrier Unlock a Rogers Device

Unlike the others mentioned, this provider doesn’t have an online SIM-unlocking alternative and you’ll need to visit any of their retail/dealer stores or contact them via phone, email, or live chat. Either way, the conditions that apply to unlock a phone locked to Rogers are pretty similar; you must be on good terms with them, no blacklist reports, and you must have the proper documentation.

How can I Unlock a Phone to another Carrier without contacting my current Provider?

Getting your smartphone SIM-unlocking without necessarily having to call the company that is currently locking it is definitely possible, of course, if you use the right tool. Gladly, in SafeUnlocks we count on an exceptional and very innovative service that is available worldwide for people like you, who were unable to unlock your phone directly with the carrier.

Does SafeUnlocks’ Service work on used Smartphones?

If a second-hand device was gifted to you from a close friend or family member, or if you bought a refurbished smartphone, and just noticed it came locked to a carrier, don’t worry.  In SafeUnlocks, we can definitely help you unlock the device no matter if you’re not its original owner, all we need you to have before you place your unlock request is:

  • The IMEI number.
  • From 15 to 20 minutes to complete the process.
  • A local SIM card from any provider other than the specific carrier locking it.
  • A stable internet connection.

Phone Unlocking Steps to Carrier Unlock your Device with SafeUnlocks

Requesting an unlock with SafeUnlocks’ exceptional service is super easy because you don’t really have to do much, the whole platform is automated and beginner-friendly. To unlock your iPhone or Android smartphone with us, simply visit and go to the carrier lock removal section.

Once there, fill out the form on your screen with your name, email, and the email and brand of the phone that’s being unlocked, and after confirming the information is correct, submit the order. Remember that our service works with any handset, even those locked to carriers from other countries (the ones that still have this practice) like Verizon or T-Mobile devices in the US.

Why do I need to create an Account to complete the Unlock?

Well, you’ll notice that after submitting your request to unlock the phone, our system will prompt you to generate an online account the first time you use our service (then you simply use the one you already have). This is for security reasons because we want to make sure you’re the only person accessing your order details and personal information, so don’t worry about it and rest assured this measure is meant to protect you while you complete the process.

Removing Phone Carrier Locks: How do I use my Device Unlock Code?

An NCK code or Network Unlock Key is the only thing you can use to safely free your phone from its network restrictions, like a password to deactivate the lock’s software that the service provider enabled on it. Once you have completed the SIM unlock with us, this code is what you’ll receive for you to unlock your cell phone, and using it is pretty simple!

All you need to do is insert a SIM card from a different carrier into the locked phone, so if for example, you’re unlocking a Bell device, then you need to get a SIM from a new carrier like Telus. After you have inserted the other carrier’s SIM card, you’ll be asked to enter the unlock code provided by SafeUnlocks, and that’s it, it’ll open your cellular bands to use the new cell phone service without a problem.

How much does it Cost to Unlock my Device?

Well, SafeUnlocks‘ unlocking service has a cost of $1, which is a fixed rate regardless of your current carrier or the type of smartphone you have. However, that doesn’t mean all other platforms are as accessible as we are because this service is highly demanded among users with devices that are not eligible to be unlocked with their original carrier.

So, while with other companies you’ll get charged up to $50 before your phone is unlocked, we can do the job for only $1, and through a safe and non-invasive method. Rest assured we won’t need to jailbreak or root the device or reset the Android phone or iPhone to factory settings; it’s the perfect solution!