Carrier Unlock USA

Unlock any US phone with SafeUnlocks without any restrictions. With SU unlocking technology, anyone can remove the sim restrictions without hassle. We invite you to try our tool compatible with all carriers across the USA. Best of everything, this web app is compatible with all brands and OS versions.

Even though nowadays some devices are sold unlocked (if you pay an extra amount), all cell phone service providers in the US still lock most smartphones they sell. That’s why the carrier lock continues to be a complication for all users who buy their devices with their network providers, but if that’s your case, we’ve got you. Keep reading and learn with SafeUnlocks the 3 principal methods to carrier unlock any mobile phone and what’s the best alternative for you!

1st Method: Unlock your AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile Phone by contacting your Carrier

The first alternative you have is to contact the specific company that locked the device, which is the network provider that you bought the smartphone from (the phone’s original provider). However, contacting them is normally not enough as all carriers have certain procedures users need to follow to place their unlock requests, so let’s see together how to get started with the principal service providers in the US.Β 

Carrier Unlock Process for AT&T Phones

You’ll need to visit AT&T’s SIM-unlocking module to submit your request, but that’ll only work if you meet their requirements and the device is eligible. If you are, simply enter the phone number assigned to the device and follow the steps; if you want to check whether your request has been approved or not, you can use AT&T’s Device Unlock Status Checker.

Carrier Unlock Process for T-Mobile Devices

For this, users normally have to use T-Mobile’s Device Unlock App, which is normally preinstalled on the smartphone, but that will only work if you are eligible. If the app doesn’t work, or you think you’re eligible but seem to not be, you can also contact the T-Mobile support department to request an unlock code.

Carrier Unlock Process for Verizon Phones

Well, in this case, there’s no app or online page for you to submit your request because this carrier locks phones for a specific period and then unlocks them automatically. However, if you already met the minimum period of active service but it’s still locked, what you can do is contact Verizon to see why you’re not eligible to unlock your smartphone.

Unlocking your Phone with the Carrier: Device Unlock Policy

As we mentioned, the process directly with your network provider is possible but only if you meet their eligibility criteria, which changes depending on the type of contract that you have and the specific company. However, some general conditions apply to all mobile wireless devices to be eligible to be unlocked, so if you don’t meet them, you won’t be able to unlock the phone regardless of what your current carrier is.Β 

SIM Unlock Requirements to meet before Submitting your Unlock Request

  • The device must have been active in the carrier’s network for the minimum period established on your contract (usually a year).
  • If the phone was sold through a device installment plan, you must have paid it off. If not, you must make your final payment to submit the request.
  • The mobile device cannot be flagged as stolen or reported on the IMEI blacklist database.
  • Your account must be up-to-date and there cannot be any past-due amounts.
  • Only the original owner of the phone or device can complete the unlock, so if you own a second-hand device, they won’t help you.

What Carrier-Unlock Requirements Apply for Deployed Military Personnel?

With most carriers, you don’t have to meet their minimum active period term to request your unlock; there’s no need to wait until you finish the contract term, to pay off your device if it was financed on a payment plan, or to stay on the network at all. If you have your deployment papers, you’ll simply need to contact your network provider at any time for them to process the request (normally within two business days).

2nd Method: Use APK or IPA Files (No Device Unlock Eligibility Requirements)

An alternative that most people consider when unable to complete the process directly with the network provider, is using APK/IPA files. However, certain disadvantages make this method not worth it: it’s only a temporal bypass, it comes with a lot of risks, and it’s not practical at all!

Why is it not Recommended to use APK Files?

Well, when you don’t use an official store for digital media like Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, you can’t be sure you’re not downloading other programs onto the device. That’s precisely the reason why APK files (or IPA files in Apple’s iPhone devices) are not recommended. These apps must be downloaded from untrusted sources and installed into the phone, which can lead to malware infections, data breaches, and a lot of other inconveniences.Β 

In addition, it’s not like the app will automatically unlock your phone, on the contrary, this is just a bypass and as soon as you deinstall the app or miss an update, the “unlocked” device will get back its SIM restrictions. All that, not to mention that it’s not practical to have a program running on the device 24/7 that needs to be updated, that occupies space on the device, and that will present compatibility issues after any OS update.

3rd Method: Unlock your Device with SafeUnlocks (Safe and without any Unlock Policy)

If you’re looking for a safe alternative that can effectively perform an unlock without any requirements involved, SafeUnlocks‘ innovative software is the solution. What we offer is a 100% online unlocking process that can completely and permanently get rid of the SIM restrictions on your smartphone, all without rooting/jailbreaking the device or using APKs!

Can I get any Phone Unlocked regardless of its Brand?

Well, thanks to SafeUnlocks’ lock removal service, you definitely can fix any smartphone no matter if we’re talking about an iPhone or Android device (like Samsung phones). This is possible thanks to the fact that our method is 100% online-based, and all smartphones support remote unlocks precisely because the process is remote and non-invasive.Β 

After Unlocking my Phone, will I be able to use it on any Network?

You sure will, as soon as you follow the unlock steps and finish the process, you’ll be able to use your smartphone with any compatible SIM card regardless of its specific provider. Also, it’s fair to mention that we’re not talking about something temporal but about a permanent unlock, so once the lock is removed with us, you’ll be able to use the phone with every carrier worldwide without restrictions once and for all.

Unlocking a Phone with SafeUnlocks’ SIM-Lock Removal Platform

The process with SafeUnlocks is incredibly easy, all you need to do is visit and go to our carrier lock removal page to get started. Once there, simply fill out the form on the screen with your name, email, the brand of the phone, and its IMEI number, which are all key pieces of information for a successful unlock. Now, you’ll have to submit your request and follow the steps we’ll leave below to complete the process.

Steps to unlock your Phone via SafeUnlocks’ Platform

  • Place the request.
  • Create a free account with us.
  • Make the $1 payment that corresponds to the unlock service.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Download your Phone’s unlock code.
  • Enter the code on the locked device to remove its carrier restrictions.

Keep in mind that the $1 payment that we require is charged per unlocked phone, so if for example, you want to unlock 3 smartphones with us, you’ll need to pay $3. Anyway, that’s still a way rate than what’s offered in other platforms that can charge you up to $50 for the service. Rest assured this is the most affordable, practical, fast, and easy alternative, so if your device is locked, get started now and get rid of its restrictions in a matter of minutes!