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Unlock any Apple Device from
iCloud Activation Lock

Using this App you can Remove iCloud Lock from any iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or iPod and enjoy a Fully Unlocked device. With this Permanent and Lifetime Guaranteed Unlock you can Update, do Calls, Download Apps, Reset the Device and do Warranty Repair. There are no downsides!

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1. Enter Details

Enter all the details about your and your device. We need your contact info to ensure we can communicate the status of your unlock and offer support as well as your device model and IMEI so our software is able to process your iCloud Unlock automatically

2. Device Unlocked

After Completing the order the iCloud Activation Lock Removal will start and your Device will be Unlocked Over The Air (OTA) without any need of entering data. You just need to be connected to a WiFi Network on the device so it can fetch the OTA Update

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"I was looking for a way to remove the iCloud Lock for months, thanks to this tool I can use it as brand new"
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"Great service, I got my iPad unlock in a matter of minutes, easy and efficient"
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"I was a bit skeptical at first but it turned out to be true, amazing service guys"
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"Awesome work, it was super easy to follow the instructions and got my ID in minutes"
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Remove activation lock on any ios

With our Unlock you will be able to use your device without iCloud Lock. Our Unlocks work on models and versions worldwide and are the most affordable on the market


fully automated and secure software

Our Fully Automated Software processes your Unlock Instantly and provides a smooth, reliable and acessable experience

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working on many devices

All kinds of devices are supported by our iCloud Unlocking App. If its locked to a carrier there is a high chance we can unlock it. So much so that we have a 99.9% success rate

Activation lock is a security feature that came with iOS 7, which was released in 2013. It has been an essential component of Apple’s mobile devices ever since. As the name suggests, it prevents activation of your device without the original owner’s authorization by locking down all or most of its data on iCloud.
The iCloud service unlock can be removed if you have access to iCloud account credentials and know how to get rid of it using a third-party service. Luckily for you, SafeUnlocks has launched iCloud removal service for any iOS device.

What is an iCloud activation lock?

Apple has a feature on its iOS devices called “activation lock,” which requires the Apple ID and password of the account owner to be entered before anyone is able to use an iPhone or iPad. This is a safety measure that prevents theft, but it also prevents unauthorized access in cases where you have lost your device or had it stolen.
For example, if someone finds your iPhone or iPad on the street and they want to access it but don’t know the Apple ID password for it, then they can not log in unless they have “Find My [device]” turned on. If this is off, then anyone with a little bit of computer knowledge could get in with their own Apple ID password.

How does it work?

This happens because your iPhone or iPad is registered to an account, and if the device isn’t activated then you can still access anything on it as long as you enter an Apple ID and password that’s not yours. If “Find My [device]” was off when someone found your phone on the street, there would be nothing stopping them from logging in with their own Apple ID and password.
Activation lock is a safety measure to prevent unauthorized access by someone who has lost your device or had it stolen, but then again if the person isn’t using “Find My [device]” there’s nothing preventing them from accessing all of your personal data on that iPhone or iPad.

Where does the problem come?

if your phone has not been stolen or lost but rather you forgot the password then you will not be able to use it. iCloud activation lock will prevent you from accessing any type of data on your device.

How did I activate the iCloud Lock Screen on my Apple Device?

Even though this feature on iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices is meant to get activated when the device is lost or stolen, that’s not always the case. There are a lot of people that got their iPhones locked without noticing and don’t really know how did that happen, if that’s your case, let’s check the possible explanations together.

As the name says, the activation lock gets activated when you try to reactivate a phone, so if you happened to factory reset your phone but forgot to remove the existing iCloud account from the phone beforehand, then that was the reason why the phone got locked.

This lock screen could appear also on your locked iPhone if you happened to deactivate the “Find My” feature. Whether because you wanted the activation lock to be disabled or because you simply didn’t want that app on your iPhone anymore, if you attempted to deactivate that app, then that’s why your iOS device is locked.

Is the Activation Lock on any iPhone and iPad?

Yes, all iPad and iPhone models have incorporated the activation lock feature, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone 11 (pro max), an iPhone 12 (pro max), or any other model number; if you have an iPad or iPhone, it for sure has enabled this security protection measure. 

How to know if the iCloud Preventive Lock is On?

Well, we know that the iCloud lock is enabled on all iPhones, but if you want to check out if this security measure is active (which means that the lock screen could appear if you reset the iPhone), there is a way to check. You can tell this protection is active on your device by checking if the “Find My” feature is turned on or not; if it’s on, then that means that the iCloud protection is on as well.

Best iCloud service unlock Tool for any iPhone and other iOS Devices

Remove the iCloud activation lock today using SafeUnlocks, unlocking your iOS device has never been easier. Use the latest technology from SafeUnlocks to have your iCloud account removed. SafeUnlocks guarantees 100% iCloud removal from any device and supports all iOS devices, here is the type of devices compatible with our service:
This unlocking service works on any device and it does not take into account the model or the iCloud status. we have the solution for every Apple device.
Why is Unlocking iCloud Activation-Locked iPhones better than Bypassing the Lock?

A lot of online platforms on the internet advertise iCloud bypass tools that can precisely bypass iCloud activation locks as an alternative method to deal with the problem. But, what’s the difference between really unlocking iPhones and just bypassing activation locks?

The main difference between both options is SafeUnlocks is an online tool that removes the lock from your iPhone permanently while other bypass tools only temporarily pass around Apple’s security layers to give you partial access to the device.

That means that if you use online bypass tools to bypass the iCloud activation lock, your iPhone will remain locked, you won’t be able to add any new iCloud account, and you’ll have some iCloud-related functions restricted. In addition, the iCloud activation lock screen will reappear from time to time because it was never truly removed.

Does SafeUnlocks remove Activation Locks Permanently?

We sure do! When you use this service you are removing the iCloud activation lock completely and permanently. This is not a bypass, this is an iCloud unlock tool that will 100% get rid of the lock once and for all! You’ll have full access to your device’s iCloud features, will be able to connect your iPhone to your new iCloud account, and won’t have to worry about this lock ever again.

Why do I have the iCloud Activation Lock?

There are many reasons why your iOS product has the activation lock on, we will go over the most common reasons on why this problem is happening and how our service can help you remove the iCloud lock.

Previous owner did not remove iCloud:

If you made the purchase of a second-hand device where the account was previously linked to the device and it is not removed, then you will have iCloud lock activated.
This happens more often than you think with all devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Platforms such as eBay or Marketplace are suitable for people selling locked devices as unlock devices which causes a huge problem.

It was reported lost by the owner:

If iCloud lock is activated on a device, iCloud will not allow the owner to remove iCloud account from their Apple ID. Unless you have full access to the device the unlock will not go away.

Device was not used for a long time:

If the Apple device has not been used for a long period of time, iCloud activation lock might activate on the device. This is the most common reason why people look for websites to get iCloud unlock. Thanks to our new service the process to get iCloud unlock service are not possible in only a few steps. the find my iPhone could have been activated by mistake, this the most common issue to get the activation locked screen.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal by SafeUnlocks’ Unlock Service

SafeUnlocks is a top rated service on the market. We use top notch tools and software to provide iCloud unlock for any device, model, or iCloud status. the best part about our service is that you do not need to download any type of service. Every step of the process is made on our website. We will give you a brief overview of how to unlock your device.

Step 1:

Fill out the form using the following information:

Step 2:

Complete the form and activate your account, you will receive a confirmation number that will be used to verify your identity. we had to start asking for this additional step to avoid the unlocking of stolen or lost property. This step is often free or might cost up to 1 dollar. As we mentioned before this is only for security purposes to ensure the continuity of our service.

Step 3:

Enter the information sent to you on the lock screen of the device to start the unlocking. The ID given to you is a temporary ID that will ensure that the device is unlocked permanently, this is called Dummy ID and is crucial to remove the iCloud activation lock.

How to get your IMEI number or Serial Number?

To find the IMEI or serial number on iPhone: go to Settings > General > About. The number will be located near the bottom of the screen, under Model.
To find the IMEI or serial number on iPad: in iOS 11, go to Settings > General and then scroll down until you see About. The number will be located near the bottom of the screen, under Model.
To find the IMEI or serial number on iPod touch: go to Settings > General > About and scroll down until you see SN.

Obtain IMEI on sim card slot:

Remove your Sim Card slot from your iPhone or iPad, some models have the SN or IMEI number written on it.

Get SN or IMEI on the box:

All devices made by apple come with a Serial and IMEI number on the box. The numbers are usually written on a sticker on the back of the box when your purchase a device from Apple.

Why is this the Best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service for iOS Devices?

With many years of industry experience, SafeUnlocks is regarded as one of the best tools to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device. The development team has been able to comprehend the user’s needs and create the perfect tool for users of all kinds. Additionally, SafeUnlocks has a committed team that consistently upgrades its web software to make sure that the unlocking process is simple and straightforward for all users. SafeUnlocks is proud of having one of the easiest and simplest processes to unlock service that works no matter your technical skills or your country.

Is this an IMEI Unlock?

There’s a common misunderstanding when you unlock the iCloud activation lock, some people think that it has to do with the IMEI unlock. Despite both processes needing the IMEI number as a gateway to remove the iCloud activation lock as well as the IMEI Sim Unlock, both methods are completely different. It is important to keep this in mind to avoid confusion and to guarantee a permanent iCloud unlock on all devices.

Frequent Questions and Answers

We have collected the most frequent questions sent to our email everyday, we hope this answers are enough to solve your doubts, you can contact our support by simply using our contact form on our website.

Yes, the iCloud unlock is permanent and will not get locked after some time. We ensure this as the Dummy ID removes the locked device from ever getting in the future.

Yes, SafeUnlocks is a safe to use. We do not collect any of your personal information and the only thing we need from you to start unlocking icloud account is your device's data (IMEI number or Serial Number). We also use encrypted servers and all information coming in or out is protected via SSL certificate.

Yes, once the process is done you will be able to use the device as if it were brand new, every previous information will be removed. This will ensure that you can use your device in the future as any it will only know the current Apple ID.

No, Activation lock on apple devices do not interfere with your current. Everything related with your number is handled by your carrier. You do not need to worry that the iCloud activation lock removal.

Yes, as we have stated several times, this will not affect in any matter the usability of the device. Once the unlocking process is completed the device will work as if it was new.

Unfortunately yes, when the activation lock removal service complees the iCloud unlocking you will have to set up the phone as for the first time. Any information on that Apple ID will not be accesible. We recommend keeping regular backups on the cloud to keep your information safe.

Yes, the service is 100% online and uses our website to get iCloud unlock, you do not need to contact anyone in order to do the process. We made this platform as intuitive as possible, just complete the form, activate account and enter the information sent to your email or downloaded on your browser.

We use this information as it is the only piece the information that is linked to the device. the IMEI number allow us to get icloud unlocked. To create your Dummy ID we need to use your IMEI or Serial Number.

It is, SafeUnlocks is here to easily remove the iCloud activation lock on all iOS devices. We will help you bypass the iCloud lock within minutes without any untrustworthy methods involving downloads or installation of unknown code. SafeUnlocks is able to unlock your iOS device on the cloud to ensure you bypass iCloud activation lock.

No, once the phone is unlocked and set to factory reset, it is very hard to know if an iCloud bypass was ever used on the device. All information will be wiped out and there is no possible way to know if the device was unlocked or simply It was wiped out.

Yes, when you remove iCloud activation lock you are in fact removing the iPhone locked to owner message from your device. This is just one of many terms used to call this type of lock and in fact, it is all the same.

SafeUnlocks has the best iCloud unlock services with a turnout time of fewer than 24 hours. Most other services, especially those requiring downloads will take on average several days, Our service is here to make your life easier when it comes to bypass the iCloud activation lock.