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Having your mobile phone IMEI blacklisted is probably one of the most frustrating situations you might face. We are aware this is a security feature that many carriers around the world implemented as a way to discourage the reselling of stolen devices or phones that didn’t get fully pay by the customer. However, there are some cases where by mistake users or carriers lock their devices and becomes a nightmare to unlock them.

How does this blacklist work?

The IMEI blacklist works by generating a report on your device based on the IMEI number it contains. The IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) is an unique number that is exclusively made your device. This way carriers and authorities are able to get a device blacklisted if it gets reported stolen or lost.

It is important to know that this is not the only reason why you might end up with a blacklisted phone. If you own money or the previous other has unpaid bills with the carrier, the device might get blocked by your wireless carrier without being your fault.

Can both Android and iPhone Devices be Blacklisted?

The brand of your mobile phone doesn’t really have anything to do with blacklist reports because anyway, all mobile devices have an IMEI number. This means that blacklist reports can be put into Android and iOS devices, in fact, regardless of your phone’s operating system, manufacturer, and model, its identification number can be reported on the blacklist database.

Possible Reasons why you can end up with a Blacklisted Device

If your IMEI is blacklisted is probably because the phone was reported as lost or stolen, but as we mentioned before, that’s not the only reason why a phone can be blacklisted by the carrier. Other causes of blacklisting can also be:

  • The phone appears to be unpaid.
  • The owner of the phone is not in good standing with the carrier.
  • The phone is associated with illegal activity.
  • The phone is associated with any kind of fraud.

How to check your IMEI number?

Thanks to many available nowadays, checking for a blacklist IMEI numbers is a really simple task. There are databases available to the public where you can input a phone’s IMEI number and get all information about your device.

We have carefully gathered the most popular and safest services you can use to check the status of your IMEI number:

Despite the high level of accuracy provided by these websites, the information might be either delayed or wrong in few cases. All data shown on the App is provided by carriers and they are not required by law to publish this data in a daily basis.

If you want to be sure about the status of your IMEI, we would recommend to go directly to your network provider and ask for the status of such device if it belongs to the network.

Why is Finding your IMEI Number so Important for the Blacklist Removal Process?

Finding the IMEI to unlock your iPhone or Android device without an online tool is a key part of the process. As we mentioned before, the IMEI number is unique to every phone and is the code that appears on every blacklist report, and as that number appears on the record, we need to remove it from the blacklist for the lock on your device to be removed.Β 

Actually, all IMEI blacklist removals (free or paid) are the same, even if you unlock your phone with your carrier or with an external service, you’ll always need to enter your IMEI as that’s the code that was reported.

Can you unlock a blacklisted phone?

Yes, if you happen to have a blacklisted phone, there are several ways that you can try to get an unlock code. It all comes down to your specific case but we will provide two methods that will likely solve this issue. Make sure to read the full length of this article to device which methods better suits your needs.

Ask your carrier for an unlock

If you device was blacklisted by your carrier, there is a big chance they are able to revoke this status if you show proof of ownership or you pay any outstanding bills. The following method applies for most carriers around the world. However, we will only talk about the major ones we have already tested, these are:

To get your device’s IMEI removed from the blacklist, you will need the following requirements regardless of your situation:

  • Proof of ID (Must show full name and date of birth)

  • Receipt (Digital is also accepted)

If you have these documents and your device is shown as reported lost or stolen, you have all the right to unlock it if you proof that you are the original owner, this process might take up to a day but you will be able to use your device without any issues.

On the case your phone was locked for owing money to the carrier, you will need to pay the full amount and then request the unlocking of your device. This process might take a little longer as payment processes might take some time.

Use our IMEI blacklist removal tool

If you have no means of contacting your device or go in person to a physical location, we have the perfect bad IMEI cleaning service to get your blacklisted IMEI removed and be able to use it once again.

This is an open source app available to anyone, all blacklist removal service are handled on the cloud and will allow you to get your device remove from the blacklist. If you want to proceed with this method, we would like to let you know that we do not condone the unlocking of stolen good.

This IMEI repair method works by generating a request to the carrier and sending all necessary information to generate an unlock code that will allow you to use your device once again.

All you need to use the unlock app is to provide some simple information that will allow the system to generate all necessary data to send to your carrier in order to obtain the approval and then unlock your device:

Double check the information before sending it to the server, once you send your request, you will be required to activate your order. This activation step was made to avoid the overuse of the tool as well as to prevent any commercial use of the tool.

Once you have activated your order, the server will send the request and fulfill all needs by the carrier. We will talk about processing times further on this article.

Are all phones eligible for the service?

Yes, you will be able to remove an Android phoneΒ as well as unlock a blacklisted iPhone in a matter of minutes. This service does no take into account operating system or models as the blacklisted IMEI is only a security method that locks your device from using any provider.

Will my warranty get voided?

No, your warranty won’t be voided for doing this method regardless of your case. Most of the time the warranty is done directly with the brand and not with the carrier, this means that removing a blacklisted IMEI number won’t affect any remaining warranty with your carrier.

In case you have any insurance on your phone, it will depend entirely on the company policy. Once you report your IMEI, the insurance company will start a process to block the device and give you some sort of compensation.

Is bad IMEI the same as blacklisted?

These terms are often confused, having a bad IMEI or being blacklisted is the same thing. All blacklisted IMEI numbers are basically bad IMEI. This is not to be confused with the carrier lock or iCloud activation lock, these issues are completely separate and need another method to be fixed.

If you remove your iOS devices or Android devices from the blacklist, you won’t be able to use other carriers if your device has any restriction to it. We suggest you to try our other services such as our carrier unlock or iCloud Unlock service.

Is a Device’s IMEI Number the same as its ESN Number?

Even though our bad IMEI and bad ESN removal processes work the same and can be successfully completed, the ESN and IMEI of a phone are not the same. The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is an identifier that phones have to be recognized on the CDMA network while the IMEI number has that same purpose but for the GSM network.

Anyway, most phones have both codes as newer phone models are compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks. In fact, the IMEI has become more popular because that was the identification code adopted by LTE technologies which is the network that most carriers use nowadays.

Why using SafeUnlocks services?

With thousand of happy users across the globe, SafeUnlocks offers a simply solution that will allow you to use your device once again. We do not have any geo restrictions or limitations when it comes to using our cloud services.

Is it safe?

SafeUnlocks offers a high layer of security by encrypting all information sent or received by the cloud service. On the other hand, once the method has been completed, your data will be erased for privacy and security purposes.

How long does this IMEI cleaning service takes?

Any iPhone blacklist removal as well as Android Removal service will be subjected to the demand of the server. On average the unlocking process could take from a few minutes up to a day. We kindly ask for your patience in case we present a high demand on the services.

Can you change the IMEI?

If your phone is blacklisted, then you might be tented to change the IMEI or ESN from your device. Before you try to remove the blacklist status by using this method, you need to be aware of the risks:

  • Your warranty will be voided
  • Might not be able to get updates
  • Might get blacklisted again

If you still want to go ahead with this method, you likely need to download or install software either to your phone or computer. This type of method always represents a risk when you try to remove the IMEI lock as there might be malware hidden on it.

Here at SafeUnlocks, we encourage you to remove your phone from the blacklist using a safe and online method like the one offered by us. Feel free to check all our resources about this topic to make sure you can unblock your bad ESN or IMEI in the safest possible way.

Why does Changing the IMEI of my Phone make it Vulnerable to Cyberattacks?

Aside from the risks that we mentioned above, all IMEI changes do in fact make your phone vulnerable to cyberattacks as well. That’s because software updates, 99.9% of the time are meant to fix data breaches, and safety bugs, or to make security/software improvements, and your phone actually needs to be updated and work safely as normal.

If the device stops receiving OS and software updates, it will not only become easier to hack but will also become incompatible with some apps (because apps have certain safety requirements for them to be installed in a device) and will sooner or later stop working completely.

Use the best blacklist removal services today!

We invite you to try our services if you are facing this issue with your IMEI. Our unlocking service it’s easy to use by anyone and will allow you to use your device the right way. Send SMS, making phone calls and much more will give you a better freedom with your device.

If you have questions, feel try to ask us, one of our team members will reach out to you in case you have any doubts about the service. We are happy to have you here and we hope you can unlock your device with us.

What happens to a blacklisted IMEI?

When a phone is blacklisted, it gets added to a global list that is shared among many carriers around the world. This list allows mobile providers to prevent the usage of any device that has been previously placed on this database automatically. It is important to use an IMEI checker before the purchase of any secondhand device to know if it has been reported as lost or has any issues.

Why did my phone randomly get blacklisted?

The IMEI database is managed by carriers, and most of these blocks are manual as users call to report their device, there are rare occasions where customer support employees simply block your device by mistake. If this is your case, do not worry, contacting your wireless network and explaining what happened will be enough for them to get it off the blacklist.

Has your network blacklisted your phone?

To check if the phone has been blacklisted by your network, you need to either go in person to a store branch or call the customer support line. Your account and device can get blacklisted for misusage of the network as well as for having an unpaid balance under your account. If your phone gets blacklisted, you won’t be able to use any SIM as this is a way to prevent bad customers from accessing other networks.

Can you use a phone that has been blacklisted?

Depends, once your phone gets blacklisted It will be unable to connect to the network of your provider and most likely to any network of your country of origin. This is not true in all cases as carriers are free to compile with this list or not, this means that there is a chance that your phone might work under a different network.

How long does this IMEI cleaning service takes?

It might vary, on average the common users spends around 20 minutes completing the process, and 2-3 hours until getting a positive result. This will always depend on how long it takes you to complete the process and how complicated it is for the cloud service to submit and send a positive result back to you.

How to check your IMEI number?

If you want to check the status you can do so by using multiple methods:

  • Check the box of your device (By law it must be displayed there)
  • Find it on the back of your device (Old iPhone models and some Android models)
  • Eject the sim card tray of your device (It is highly likely that it is there on newer models)
  • Dial *#06# (this activates an USSD codes and it works on all devices)