Refund Policy

The following situations will result in a refund:

  • If your handset does not fulfill the criteria for each network, we will not be able to unlock it.
  • We cannot refund you if your iPhone fails to work owing to being blacklisted in a nation, an activation lock, or issues with the handset hardware, such as No Sim or No Service. You should give us with a video that clearly shows “Incompatible Sim” as proof that it didn’t work.
  • If you choose, you can cancel and receive a refund for non-delivered unlocks that have taken more than 30 days and have not yet been refused for any reason. Our contract with our providers is a 30-day window, and we pay for our unlocks up front, so you can’t cancel before then.

The following situations will not be eligible for a refund:

  • Despite the fact that your iPhone has already been unlocked, you have made an order with us. We incur expenses as a result of our submission.
  • You placed an order with numerous unlocking firms and opted to request a refund from the company that didn’t notify you initially that the unlock was complete. We incur expenses as a result of our submission.
  • You ordered an unlock from a network and didn’t match the criteria that were plainly stated before purchase, resulting in an extra charge, which you refused to pay. In such circumstances, we are unable to reimburse the original payment because the cost has already been incurred.
  • You gave an IMEI number that was wrong.
  • You ordered an unlocking service from the wrong network / carrier (If you’re not sure which network/carrier your iPhone is locked to, please verify with our iPhone carrier checker first).
  • You made a pre-order purchase. Unlock pre-orders are non-refundable.
  • Your IMEI number has been prohibited, blacklisted, stolen, or lost.
  • Your IMEI is out of date.
  • Unlocks that don’t work due to blacklisting in the country, an Activation Lock on the device, or hardware difficulties with the handset, such as No Sim or No Service, are not eligible for a refund because the unlock has already been done. Please make sure your phone is clean, doesn’t have an activation lock, and works fine with the network sim it was locked to when you bought it. We cannot be held liable if it does not.
  • If you are unable to activate your iPhone due to an iCloud activation lock, you need either contact the iPhone owner to have the iCloud account removed or purchase an iCloud Removal from us or another vendor. We will not issue a refund for a completed sim unlock on a device that you are unable to use owing to an Activation Lock. Before purchasing, check to see if your device has an Activation Lock at