Blacklist Removal: How to Unlock a Bad IMEI in New Zealand?

Thanks to SafeUnlocks’s 100% online unlocking tool you can remove any IMEI blacklist report from anywhere at any time. Learn with us how to unlock a bad IMEI in New Zealand with our easy-to-use software and take advantage of all the benefits we have for you!

What Happens When a Phone is Reported Lost?

What Happens When a Phone is Reported Lost?
What Happens When a Phone is Reported Lost?

When a phone is reported lost or stolen, it is registered under the international blacklist database, that’s why you often hear people saying that the phone is blacklisted (because its IMEI number appears on the blacklist). 

A blacklisted phone will not only get the report on the database, but it will also be locked by the carrier that sold the device intending to forbid the access of the device to any network from any mobile operator (you cannot get connected to any network, cannot use your mobile data, and cannot make or receive SMS messages or phone calls).

What do I do if my IMEI is Blacklisted?

If the blacklisted IMEI is registered under your name and the blacklist report was mistakenly placed, then you need to contact your carrier and let them know there was an error (maybe someone got a number wrong or something similar). This is very important because if the phone was not reported as lost but as unpaid for example, this report will be in your name, and there can be other possible actions taken by the network provider like a report on the credit bureau if the issue is not cleared on time.

What do I do if I Bought a Blacklisted Phone?

If you bought a second-hand device, and after the purchase, you found out its IMEI number was blacklisted, then we would recommend that you ask the seller for a refund or to provide a solution. However, people that sell blacklisted devices are usually not willing to give money back or to provide any help at all, so the best option is just to safely remove the blacklist report with SafeUnlocks and enjoy a fully cleaned IMEI.

How do I Check if the Previous Owner of my iPhone made a Blacklist Report?

How do I Check if the Previous Owner of my iPhone made a Blacklist Report?
How do I Check if the Previous Owner of my iPhone made a Blacklist Report?

If you are not sure whether you are experiencing a SIM lock, a blacklist report, or just connectivity issues in general, there is an alternative to check the status of your phone online. You can find IMEI check services on the internet and use these apps to receive a full report of the status of your device.

These IMEI reports include information like whether the device is blacklisted or not, which carrier blacklisted the phone, and the reason why it was blacklisted (for unpaid bills, lost or stolen reports, fraudulent transactions, etc.). Keep in mind that these online services are free to use and show the IMEI status of your phone as long as you enter its IMEI number.

Is there a way to get your Phone Unblacklisted?

If you don’t want to unlock your device with your carrier or are not eligible to do so (because if you purchased a second-hand phone they won’t understand the situation and won’t even provide information about the IMEI status), what you can do is to unlock your phone’s IMEI code with our blacklist removal online tool, it is very easy to use and only takes half an hour of your time.

Can I use SafeUnlocks’ Blacklist Removal Service Worldwide?

Can I use SafeUnlocks' Blacklist Removal Service Worldwide?
Can I use SafeUnlocks’ Blacklist Removal Service Worldwide?

As soon as our unlocking tool is 100% online and you don’t have to take your phone anywhere to unlock it, you can use the service anywhere you want. 

The process is also completely automated, so after you enter the required information you will only need to follow some very clear unlock instructions and wait for the program to work through the unlock, all from the comfort of your home (you don’t require advanced technical skills to use our user-friendly program, and if needed, there are tutorial videos available for you to see what to do next).

Is it Safe to use SafeUnlocks’ Unlocking Software?

Yes! Thanks to the SSL certificates enabled on our website, all the information you enter into our webpage (like your email, payment information, order details, etc.) is encrypted so that no third parties have access to it.

In addition, we make sure to automatically delete all data as soon as you finish the unlocking process (for your safety and because our unlocking tool can get overburdened), also, please note that before you start the process you need to create an account and set a username and password so that you are the only person with access to your profile.

Find Out why is SafeUnlocks such an Excellent Option to Unlock your IMEI

How do I Unlock a Bad IMEI in New Zealand?
Find Out why is SafeUnlocks such an Excellent Option to Unlock your IMEI
  • Our unlocking service is pretty affordable, you only have to pay $1 per unlocked device, this is a fixed price and there are no additional fees (you can unlock up to 250 devices on a daily basis).
  • The unlock is effective and permanent, you only have to complete the process once to enjoy a fully unlocked phone.
  • We offer worldwide unlocks, so if your device was blacklisted by a carrier in New Zealand, the report can be removed without a problem.
  • Our online software doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed, all the process is done through our official website. 
  • SafeUnlocks is compatible with iPhone and Android phones regardless of their model, OS version, etc. so you can rest assured your phone can be unlocked.

How do I Unlock a Bad IMEI in New Zealand?

All you have to do is to click here to access our unlocking tool and follow the unlocking steps, remember that before sending or placing the order you’ll need to have ready the following information:

  • Your name.
  • A valid email address (make sure it’s working).
  • Your phone’s specific manufacturer and model.
  • Your phone’s IMEI number.

After you are ready, you will only need to fill out the form, complete our verification process to create your account, enter your payment information for us to make the $1 charge, and follow the instructions to unlock your iPhone or Android device.