Walmart Family Mobile IMEI Unlock in 3 Easy Steps!

Walmart Family Mobile is a network provider owned by Verizon Wireless, it is part of a government program and you can only enroll with them if your household is eligible, that’s why the mobile devices they sell have such good prices.

Unlocking a Walmart Family Mobile phone without ending up damaging the handset is usually very difficult because most unlocking processes include jailbreaking the device, but with SafeUnlocks this process doesn’t have to be risky or complicated!

Learn how our Family Mobile IMEI unlock process works and why it is the safest, easiest, and fastest method to unlock your phone.

¿Why is it Risky to Unlock a Family Mobile Phone with a Third-Party?

¿Why is it Risky to Unlock a Family Mobile Phone with a Third-Party?
¿Why is it Risky to Unlock a Family Mobile Phone with a Third-Party?

When a mobile service provider like Family Mobile reports the IMEI number of your phone and you don’t meet the phone unlock criteria (either because you purchased a second-hand phone or because you own something to the carrier) and your device is not eligible to be unlocked, the best chance you have is to use an external unlocking tool like SafeUnlocks‘.

However, third-party unlocking service providers do not always offer a service as safe as ours, and taking into account that this process is already risky for not being the official one, paying for a reliable, safe, and effective unlock like SafeUnlocks‘ is key so that you avoid situations like the following ones for example.

Risks of Unlocking your Phone with other Unlocking Pages

  • Entering your information into a fake or scamming website.
  • Losing access to some of your phone’s functions and having issues with the device’s performance.
  • Paying for a partial and non-permanent unlock where the platform only bypasses the IMEI lock but doesn’t remove the blacklist report (as soon as Walmart Family Mobile finds out there is a report but the lock is not active they reactivate it back to normal and start a case investigation).
  • Ending up with a completely damaged device because the platform was not compatible with the operating system of the specific brand of your phone (iOS, Android, etc.).

What Safety Measures has SafeUnlocks’ Unlock Platform Enabled?

What Safety Measures has SafeUnlocks' Unlock Platform Enabled?
What Safety Measures has SafeUnlocks’ Unlock Platform Enabled?

SafeUnlocks has a variety of security measures to protect you while you are unlocking your phone from Family Mobile, the principal ones are the following:

  • You are asked to create an account with us the first time you use our unlocking services and are asked to log into it every time you want to unlock a phone. That’s how we make sure you are the only person accessing your information.
  • SafeUnlocks’ website has SSL certificate protection which is in charge of encrypting all the information you enter into our website while you are unlocking your Family Mobile phone.
  • After you get your Family Mobile phone unlocked, the system automatically eliminates its information from the platform.
  • Your device is unlocked automatically over the air so that you don’t have to download or install any software on your device and prevent issues with a virus on the unlocked phone or something similar.

What Benefits come with SafeUnlocks’ Family Mobile IMEI Unlock?

What Benefits come with SafeUnlocks' Family Mobile IMEI Unlock?
What Benefits come with SafeUnlocks’ Family Mobile IMEI Unlock?

Removing the blacklist IMEI report from a phone locked by Family Mobile or any other GSM carrier network worldwide (T-Mobile, AT&T, Tracfone, Verizon, etc.) is the best alternative you have to get rid of that lock. Here are the principal benefits that come with our IMEI unlock process.

  • You don’t have to meet any criteria for your phone to be eligible for unlocking as it happens with mobile network providers (every phone is eligible for the unlock!).
  • Our program is compatible with all Android and Apple devices and with all carrier networks (so no matter if Family Mobile wasn’t the carrier that locked your phone, it can still be unlocked).
  • The platform is very easy to use, you don’t need to have any previous technical experience to use it and it doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed, everything is 100% online.
  • All you need is the IMEI number of your phone and after the unlock you’ll be able to use it with any network you wish (no matter if you are still under contract with Family Mobile.

How to IMEI Unlock Family Mobile Phones with SafeUnlocks

How to IMEI Unlock Walmart Family Mobile Phones with SafeUnlocks
How to IMEI Unlock Family Mobile Phones with SafeUnlocks

To unlock your device with SafeUnlocks is very easy and can be done in only 3 steps! remember that to get started you’ll need to have ready your email address and the IMEI number of your phone, check the following steps to online unlocking your phone and get started now.

Fill Out the Form and Place the Unlocking Order

The very first thing you’ll need to do is to fill out a very short form (you can access it by clicking here) by entering your name, email address (make sure you have access to it), the brand of your Family Mobile’s phone (you’ll probably need to have the phone model handy as well), and its ESN code or IMEI number (go to settings and look it up on the “about phone” tab). 

After you fill the form out just press the “Proceed” button and you will have your order already placed.

Make the $1 Payment for the Process to Get Started

You’ll need to log into your SafeUnlocks account (if you don’t have one yet you’ll need to create it) and enter the form of payment of your preference to make the payment of the $1 which is the cost to unlock your Family Mobile device with us. Remember that this is a one-time charge per unlocked device and that there are no additional charges.

Wait for the System to Unlock your Phone

Now it will just take a couple of minutes while SafeUnlocks’ unlocking software completes the process, after that just restart the device and use your phone as if it was never locked at all! Remember to test it as soon as the process finishes to make sure the unlock was successful (just enter a SIM card on your phone and try to get connected to its network (try to make calls or send messages), if it works, it means that the phone is unlocked).