Is it Better to Bypass or Remove FRP lock on Motorola Phones?

Motorola is one of those brands that offer top-level quality devices for reasonable prices, after the label’s comeback you can find budget or premium Moto phones that adjust to all kinds of buyers (which hits the market right in the spot). Motorola devices are worth fixing if locked by an FRP screen lock, but is it better to bypass or remove FRP lock on Motorola devices? Let’s find out together!

Is it a Good Idea to Bypass the FRP Lock on my Motorola?

Is it a Good Idea to Bypass the FRP Lock on my Motorola?
Is it a Good Idea to Bypass the FRP Lock on my Motorola?

Some people tend to confuse bypassing FRP locks with removing FRP locks, and there is a big difference there because a bypass is just a temporary solution, it refers to temporarily deactivating Google’s FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock so that you gain access back to the cell phone. There are various issues with bypassing the FRP lock on Android phones, for example:

  •  As we mentioned, this is a temporary solution, so sooner or later the Google verification will be reactivated.
  • You will lose access to certain Google-related features of your phone.
  • You cannot restart, update, reset, or power off your Motorola because the Google verification lock will pop up again.
  • You won’t be able to enter your new Google account into the phone and use it because the old account will still be there (if you try to remove it, the lock will be reactivated again).

What is an FRP Bypass APK File? 

APK files are what the Motorola FRP bypass tools download when you use them to bypass the lock on your phone, those are kind of ghost apps that cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store (you need a computer to connect your phone to it and install the programs).

APK files are something complicated and a lot of people struggle with them, however, thanks to SafeUnlocks you can now get rid of the FRP lock without a computer and without having to download APK programs.

Is SafeUnlocks a Motorola FRP Bypass Tool or an Unlock Tool?

Is SafeUnlocks a Motorola FRP Bypass Tool or an Unlock Tool?
Is SafeUnlocks a Motorola FRP Bypass Tool or an Unlock Tool?

SafeUnlocks is an unlocking tool that won’t just bypass Google lock but will actually remove the Google account that is activating the FRP on Motorola devices without APK files or downloadable programs. 

Our Google FRP removal software will permanently deactivate the lock screen on your phone in no more than 30 minutes, the program is very easy to use — you don’t have to download or install anything and the instructions are pretty clear (all from our website) —, won’t damage your smartphone, and you will be able to freely hard reset your Motorola phone without turning the lock back on.

Is SafeUnlocks’ FRP lock removal process Safe to Use?

SafeUnlocks counts on a great advantage which is free SSL certificate protection; this kind of security (that is enabled on our system) encrypts all the information entered into our program so that you are protected against cyber attacks. In addition, all the information about the unlocking FRP process is automatically eliminated as soon as your device is unlocked, so you don’t have to worry about us keeping the information of your phone on our system.

Can SafeUnlocks’s FRP Tool Unlock all Android Devices?

Can SafeUnlocks's FRP Tool Unlock all Android Devices?
Can SafeUnlocks’s FRP Tool Unlock all Android Devices?

Our Google lock removal process is able to unlock all Motorola devices including Moto E as well as all other Android handsets, this is because all of them use the same operating system (Android) and all of them get enabled the same kind of lock, so our software can help you remove the Google FRP lock regardless of the smartphone’s manufacturer or model you are trying to unlock.

Other Benefits of Removing the FRP on your Motorola with us

  • Removing the Motorola lock with SafeUnlocks only costs $1 (this is a fixed amount per each phone unlocked).
  • The unlocking process will take approximately 20 minutes of your time (unlike other platforms that take hours if not days to unlock your phone).
  • You don’t need to download anything to your phone or to the computer from which you are processing the unlock.
  • SafeUnlocks is safe to use and you won’t lose access to any of your phone’s features (your Motorola’s performance won’t be impacted).
  • You can remove the Google lock on Motorola without having to ask for a specialist’s help, this process doesn’t require any kind of technical experience.
  • We have tutorial videos available for you to guide you through the process, and if needed, our customer support team is always ready to help.

Can I Remove FRP lock on Motorola without the Google Credentials?

Can I Remove FRP lock on Motorola without the Google Credentials?
Can I Remove FRP lock on Motorola without the Google Credentials?

This is the best part of SafeUnlocks’ unlocking services, you won’t need the username and password of the Google account linked to the mobile device to remove the FRP lock as we understand that if you are looking for alternatives is because you don’t have the credentials. 

This online tool is aimed to help those people who might have forgotten the Google account previously associated with the device or might have purchased a second-hand Motorola phone that came locked, so all you’ll need for our software to do the trick is to enter:

  • Your name.
  • A valid email address (doesn’t have to be the previous Google account on the phone, just make sure is active and you have access to it).
  • Your phone’s brand (in this case, Motorola) and model (if it’s a Moto G, E, X, etc.).
  • Your phone’s IMEI number (you can find it by dialing *#06# from the device or by checking on its settings app).

Can I Unlock my Phone Without Using a Computer?

Yes, you can definitely complete the lock removal process on your Motorola without PC. As SafeUnlocks’ unlock process is 100% online, you can use our software from any device that counts on a stable Internet connection (it can be a computer, a tablet, another phone, etc.), the only requirement is that you must be able to access the internet because you’ll need to complete the process from our website.