SafeUnlocks: Best iPhone Blacklist Removal Tool

If you recently purchased a second-handed iPhone and turns out it was blacklisted, don’t worry! SafeUnlocks’ team recently launched the best tool for iPhone blacklist removal, and here we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

How does having a blacklisted iPhone affect me?

How does having a blacklisted iPhone affect me?
How does having a blacklisted iPhone affect me?

Having a blacklisted phone affects you because the device won’t be able to connect to any network, this will be reflected in the iPhone’s incapability to make or receive calls and to send or receive text messages (which are really basic features on a mobile phone).

Why is my iPhone blacklisted?

If you have a blacklisted iPhone it means that it was reported to the mobile carrier under one of these circumstances:

  • The previous owner reported de device as lost or stolen.
  • The device was involved in fraudulent transactions or illegal activities (like iPhone theft)
  • The original owner didn’t fully pay for the device or has unpaid bills with the carrier.

Is a “blacklisted iPhone” the same as having a “bad IMEI”?

The answer is yes, those are two ways of referring to the same situation. People use “bad IMEI” to refer to a blacklisted device because the IMEI number is the one that is reported, so the blacklist status of your iPhone is on that IMEI that works as an identification number for your phone.

Do I need the IMEI number to unlock my blacklisted phone?

Do I need the IMEI number to unlock my blacklisted phone?
Do I need the IMEI number to unlock my blacklisted phone?

If you need to unlock a blacklisted iPhone you need the device’s IMEI number, this is because as we mentioned before, the IMEI is the one that appears reported in the blacklist database (it works the same with any device, so it doesn’t matter if we are talking about Apple or Android phones, they all have an IMEI & that number is the one reported).

If you don’t know what is the IMEI number of your iPhone, here are some options you have to find it:

  • Dial *#606# on your keypad as if you were calling that number. You will see a popup on your screen with the IMEI number.
  • You can find your IMEI number printed on the iPhone’s box, on the back of the phone, or on the SIM card tray.
  • Go to your iPhone’s settings, scroll down and click on “general”, go to your device’s information and from there you should be able to see some data like the iPhone’s serial number, model, and more importantly, the IMEI.
  • If you log into your iCloud account (the one that is associated with your device), from iFinder or iTunes go to your devices and click on your iPhone, you will see its IMEI along with other device information.

How can I unlock a blacklisted iPhone?

How can I unlock a blacklisted iPhone?
How can I unlock a blacklisted iPhone?

If you want to unlock a blacklisted iPhone, it can be done in two ways: directly with the carrier that locked the mobile phone’s IMEI or with a third party that offers unlocking services like us.

Unlocking Blacklisted iPhones with Carrier Operators

If you are the initial owner of the device or you can get in touch with the previous owner of the used iPhone you purchased (for them to help you unlock the blacklisted phone), you can contact the original carrier (like T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T for example) and ask them about the iPhone status & make a request to unlock the blacklisted iPhone.

If the carrier blacklisted the device because it was reported as a lost or stolen iPhone, you will need to present proof of purchase; If the blacklist status is there because you have a debt with them, you will need to talk with the collections department and fix the issue; and if there is any report regarding a fraudulent transaction, you will need to talk with their fraud team to clear things up.

Using external Blacklist Removal Services

SafeUnlocks is a third-party service provider/company that offers iPhone blacklist removal services, our unlocking tool takes just a couple of minutes — which compared to the hours if not days that it will take you to talk and clarify things with your carrier is incredibly fast — and costs $1 only.

Among other online tools, ours is the best because unlocking blacklisted iPhones is very easy and does not require any type of supporting documents in regard to the blacklist status of your iPhone, so if you purchased a second-handed iPhone that appeared to be blacklisted, you can still get your device unlocked (remember that our service has a 99.9% of success rate).

Also, our blacklist removal process works in any country, works with any device, and will unlock blacklisted devices from their mobile network report permanently, so it is not like other services that just bypass the report but in a couple of months, you still find yourself with a locked iPhone.

SafeUnlocks: iPhone Blacklist Removal Tool

SafeUnlocks: iPhone Blacklist Removal Tool
SafeUnlocks: iPhone Blacklist Removal Tool

If you are interested in unlocking a blacklisted iPhone with us, all you have to do is to create an account with us and follow the on-screen instructions, these are the few steps you have to follow to unlock your iPhone.

  • Visit our official website and click on the “services” tab from the menu bar located at the top of the page. You will see all of the many services offered on our platforms like the elimination of Apple ID or iCloud lock, the carrier unlock, or the FRP unlock; you need to hit enter on the one that says “IMEI blacklist removal”.
  • Enter your name, email address, device model, and blacklisted IMEI, then press continue.
  • Get your membership code (it is completely free) to create your account with us and become a member.
  • Sign into your account and make the $1 payment to continue with the unlocking process, remember that you will need to insert your credit card information to do so, however, this is a one-time only payment, so you won’t be charged after that and you can remove your credit card details if you need to.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and if necessary watch the tutorial videos available, remember that if you have any issues, you can always contact our customer service and ask for tech support to get everything to work properly.