Easy Guide to Unlock iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you own a locked iPhone 12 pro max and are having trouble getting an unlock code to be able to use it, you’ve come to the right place. In this easy guide to unlock iPhone 12 pro max, we will let you know how to remove both the activation lock and network carrier lock from your Apple devices.

What is an Activation Lock?

What is an Activation Lock?
What is an Activation Lock?

An activation lock is a safety measure enabled in most iPhone models to prevent any unauthorized access to the data on your Apple device.

A phone locked with the iCloud activation lock will only show a white screen that won’t go unless you authenticate the iCloud account associated with the iPhone 12 pro max β€” with the correct Apple ID and password β€” so that the iOS confirms it is a safe and authorized user.

This is a really great feature, however, if you purchased a second-handed iPhone 12 pro max and it came with the past owner’s iCloud account, or if you had your iPhone stored and now that are trying to use it after a while appears to be locked and you have no idea what iCloud account is it associated to, it can be a problem too.

If this is your case, don’t worry, we will let you know how to get an unlock code to get rid of that old iCloud account and have an iPhone permanently unlocked.

What is a Sim Card Carrier Lock?

What is a Sim Card Carrier Lock?
What is a Sim Card Carrier Lock?

A network carrier lock is a restriction that most carriers (like T-Mobile for example) activate on the devices we purchase from them that prevents their users from using other network services apart from theirs.

As they know that they are in a competitive market and that there are always new and better wireless plans, it is more convenient for them to provide you with a network-locked device or restrict the iPhone’s capacity to recognize and operate with other GSM carriers so even if you buy a new sim card, it won’t identify the new network.

Anyway, it is possible to make an unlocking request and fill out a request form to the network carrier to see if they authorize you to use a sim card from other operators, now, the only issue is that they have a series of prerequisites that most of the customers don’t meet, so we do recommend you to check the requirements to get a fully unlocked iPhone 12 pro max.

Why do I need an Unlock Code?

It is basically the only way for you to remove a carrier lock because that is what your iPhone asks you when you insert a sim card from another operator, you can either get it from your carrier as we explained above or you can use a third-party like SafeUnlocks to provide it to you and have an unlocked Apple iPhone/device.

Does SafeUnlocks unlock iPhones from any carrier?

Yes! it doesn’t really matter what operator you are currently using or what carrier you want to move to. This is because all devices come factory unlocked, and all iPhones (actually, all phones in general) are designed to identify different networks no matter who the network provider is, the only problem comes when the carrier locks the iPhone, but they all came unlocked.

As soon as we know the device is indeed able to recognize and operate with any network, all we need to do is deactivate the firewall that is stopping de iPhone to do so, and we can do so because our unlocking tool provides the unlocking code that deactivates that firewall and factory resets that function.

Does SafeUnlocks unlock iPhone 12 Pro Max only or all Apple Devices?

Does SafeUnlocks unlock iPhone 12 Pro Max only or all Apple Devices?
Does SafeUnlocks unlock iPhone 12 Pro Max only or all Apple Devices?

SafeUnlocks is the quickest and easiest company to work with, our unlocking services are available for the iPhone 12 pro max and for all other locked Apple iPhones as well. Talking about the carrier unlock, it is available for Android-locked devices as well, and we do offer FRP lock removal as well.

Our services have a wide range of coverage regarding locks and with a few pieces of data like the IMEI number of the device, your name, and email address, among others, we can complete the unlocking process online with you.

To unlock your iPhone 12 pro max (no matter if you are trying to remove the iCloud activation lock or the sim card network lock) will cost 1$, which might make you initially hesitant, but priced compared to other companies that offer the same service, is a pretty reasonable price. Also, taking into account all the benefits we offer, we can safely say we are the best web unlocking service.

Why Should I use SafeUnlocks unlocking service?

Why Should I use SafeUnlocks unlocking service?
Why Should I use SafeUnlocks unlocking service?

Here are some advantages of using our services if you want to unlock your device’s iCloud activation lock/carrier lock but aren’t sure if SafeUnlocks is the right choice for you:

  • You don’t need to be concerned about any privacy invasion during the lock removal of your iPhone because the information on your locked device will be encrypted for our system.
  • We can unlock your device without wiping the data on your iPhone, so the information on it won’t be lost after or during the bypass of the iCloud activation lock/carrier unlock.
  • Both the iCloud activation lock and the carrier lock can be removed from any iOS device, no matter if it is the iPhone 12 pro max or any other iPhone model you have.
  • The removal of any lock of your iPhone 12 pro max is completely free, there are not any hidden charges!
  • The lock on your iPhone will be gone in just a couple of minutes.
  • You can unlock your iPhone 12 pro max without the previous owner’s iCloud account (you don’t need their login information for their iCloud account) and don’t need any authorization from your operator to remove the carrier lock with us.
  • No software/application needs to be installed or downloaded into your computer, the process is 100% online.
  • We remove any lock on your iPhone 12 pro max without requesting any passwords or sensitive data, you can rest assured that we will only ask for some general information needed to complete the process.
  • If you need to unlock any other iOS device (in any iOS version), we can help. Our lock removal tool works on any device even if it is not Apple.

How to unlock iPhone 12 from carrier?

If you wish to remove the carrier lock from your iPhone 12 you can either request an unlock by the carrier which is often hard and not worth it, or you can use SafeUnlocks to easily remove it in a few steps. We take care of the whole process and we help you unlock your phone from A to Z.

Can you unlock iPhone 12 pro max?

Yes, SafeUnlocks helps unlock an iPhone 12 regardless of the version of the country. This unlock is focused on whether you have a disabled iPhone without the Apple ID – Password, is blacklisted, or having trouble with the Carrier Lock. Feel try to check all our resources and easily unlock them within minutes.

Will the face ID on your iPhone be available?

Yes, unlock disabled iPhone with the best tool online, once the process is completed you can set up Face ID, of course, if this option was available before. Some devices might have been damaged previously and in this specific case, it won’t work.

Unlock your iPhone without Software

With SafeUnlocks unlocking tools you can forget about connecting your iPhone to unknown software or installing strange software on it. SafeUnlocks has made the difference with an easy-to-use Online tool that doesn’t require you to do anything other than fill out a form.