Th secret to remove the activation lock! Easy

If you need to remove the activation lock on your Apple Watch or iPhone, but don’t know how, then this blog post is for you. We will cover all of the steps needed to unlock an iOS device so that it can be used how you want. There are many reasons why people would want to do this and we will briefly explain them.

Why does iCloud lock us out?

Why does the activation lock goes on?
Th secret to remove the activation lock! Easy 4

The activation lock can be used to deter people from misusing the device. It is intended to stop thieves from stealing your phone or tablet and using it for their purposes. Activation lock makes it so that the device may only be accessed through the owner’s Apple ID.

The activation lock wont let us remove the current user to enter our own Apple ID, this is a real problem from buying phones from the internet. Another simple reason is the fact that you forgot the password on the device and simply can not do anything with the device.

Reasons on why this happens?

reasons about the activation lock
Th secret to remove the activation lock! Easy 5

There are plenty of reasons, but we will only discuss the two most common ones, every case may be different.

Phone bough off the internet

The most common reason why people want to remove the activation lock is because they bought a phone off of ebay or amazon and it came with an Apple ID already on it. This device may not be used by you as you can’t set up your own account since there was one previously setup. We will discuss how to do this further down in the blog post.

Small children control phone or tablet

The other common reason is that your small child has downloaded an app and now they don’t know how to close it, so they just keep tapping away and buying things with real money. The next thing you know all of your apple store information has been used up and there’s no way to stop it. This is a big deal and we will discuss how to do this further down in the blog post.

You forgot the password

Finally, people often forget their Apple ID password and can no longer access the device. This is really unfortunate since there are many private data on your phone or tablet that you do not want anyone else to see. We will discuss how to remove this further down in the blog post as well.

SafeUnlock can solve this problem

Remove the activation lock
Th secret to remove the activation lock! Easy 6

We are a group of people who specialize in unlocking any iOS device, be it an iPhone or Apple Watch. We have methods to remove the activation lock on your phone or tablet so that you can use it again. Our service is safe and secure for all devices currently running with an apple iOS operating system.

How to do it?

Simply go to our iCloud Unlock feature, you will have to fill out a form using the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Device Model
  • IMEI or Serial Number

Once you complete this information hit proceed and you will get a PDF with a dummy ID which will let you unlock your device.


Is it legal to use?

Yes, 100%. We will never share your information with anyone.

Is there any hidden fee?

No, the prices listed are final and you won’t have to pay anything extra once we get to work on it for you.

How long does it take?

About 2 hours after the registration process has been completed, however sometimes much sooner than that.

How do I know you can do it?

We have been doing this for a long time and our community is very large. We also provide proof that we unlock these devices as well as the best customer support on the net. Our team has many years of experience in solving problems like this one, trust us!