Best Method to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

If you don’t know how to unlock a MetroPCS phone (not eligible for unlock free), this article is for you. Here you will learn a little more about “Metro by T-Mobile”, what kind of locks can we remove, and how to use our device unlock app to unlock MetroPCS phones.

What is a MetroPCS Phone

What is a MetroPCS Phone
What is a MetroPCS Phone

MetroPCS is what “Metro by T-Mobile” used to be called. MetroPCS is a mobile network provider (property of T-Mobile) pretty well-known for offering affordable prepaid wireless plans and devices.

A MetroPCS phone is what you call a device that was purchased or financed with the “Metro by T-Mobile” carrier, and those phones can have a variety of locks, restrictions, and reports just as phones from other operators. However, there are two specific locks that the carrier itself activates on a device: the carrier lock and the blacklist report.

What locks can “Metro by T-Mobile” activate on a device

  • Carrier/SIM/Network lock: This lock is usually present in all devices sold by carriers including MetroPCS. It activates a restriction on the phone that affects its connectivity and does not allow it to operate with another network service provider. If you want to switch carriers and get a better plan from another provider but when inserting the new SIM card you get the “SIM not supported” message, then your MetroPCS device has a carrier lock.
  • Blacklist report: If you happened to purchase a secondhand MetroPCS phone and just found out you cannot get connected to any network and cannot make/receive any messages or phone calls, you have a blacklisted device. In most cases, a device is blacklisted because it has a stolen report, however, this can happen because of past due payments, an outstanding balance (when the phone was financed with the carrier), or fraudulent activity.

Why is an Unlock Code Needed?

Why is an Unlock Code Needed?
Why is an Unlock Code Needed?

An unlock code is only needed when you are trying to remove a carrier/SIM/network lock, you might notice that on the “SIM not supported” there is an option in which you can click to insert an unlock code, and that exact code is the one generated when you request a device unlock (either with Metro by T-Mobile directly or with us).

This unlocking code is necessary because it is what deactivates the firmware that locks your MetroPCS phone, and is created based on the IMEI number of your device because it is a unique identifier that confirms which specific phone has to be unlocked and what its specifications are.

This is why having the IMEI number of your mobile device is necessary to create the code for the permanent unlock process, here is how to find it.

How to Find my IMEI Number

  • Check on the back of the phone, it is usually printed there or on the original box in which it came in. If not, try looking at the device’s SIM card tray.
  • No matter if you have Apple or Android devices, you can always find the IMEI number of a phone on the settings app, just go to your settings and on the search bar type “IMEI”, you will see it on your screen along with other device’s details.
  • Dial the universal code for IMEI numbers from your mobile device, the code is *#06#, you don’t need to click on call, just type the code and you will see a black screen with some barcodes and the IMEI of your MetroPCS phone.

How to Use SafeUnlocks’ Device Unlock App

How to Use SafeUnlocks' Device Unlock App
How to Use SafeUnlocks’ Device Unlock App

Starting a remote unlock process is really easy, it is compatible with Apple, Samsung, and other Android devices, and it doesn’t matter which carrier locked the device, so you can unlock MetroPCS phones without a problem.

Before placing the order for SafeUnlocks‘ unlock service, make sure you have a good internet connection, the IMEI number of the MetroPCS device, and a working email address where you can receive your membership code and unlock code.

The process itself is pretty self-explanatory and the instructions for unlocking MetroPCS phones are really clear, however, if you need to, you can always contact our customer service team to ask any questions you have and get technical support if necessary.

How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone with SafeUnlocks

  • Visit and click on “IMEI blacklist removal” or “Carrier unlock” depending on which type of unlocking process you want to start.
  • Place the order by entering your name, email address, IMEI number (of the MetroPCS device you want to unlock), and device model.
  • Create an account with SafeUnlocks by inserting your email address and entering the membership code you received on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate your identity and verify your account.
  • Enter any form of payment to cancel the $1 charge (which is the price per device unlock). Remember that there are no hidden fees and this is a one-time-only payment.
  • Download the unlock code and follow the specific instructions to remove the lock that your device has.

Why do I Need to Create an Account with SafeUnlocks?

Why do I Need to Create an Account with SafeUnlocks?
Why do I Need to Create an Account with SafeUnlocks?

There are three main reasons why we ask you to get a membership code and create an account with us:

  • You need to have an account/profile to access our payment gateway, so it is necessary for us to collect the $1 payment that our users make for the permanent unlock service.
  • For security reasons we rather you have your username and password, that’s how we make sure you are the only person accessing your data and protect your private information.
  • We need to keep an eye on how many phones each user unlocks on a daily basis. The limit per person is 250 phones each day, however, it is good to have control over it to make sure the device unlock app does not overload (when this happens you have an unlock failed or “system maintenance” error, and we try to give you the best experience.