Service Unlock iCloud: How to do it Online

If you have an old second-hand iPhone or iPad that you want to use again, but it is locked with iCloud, don’t worry! There is a service unlock iCloud that can help you. This service will allow you to add a new Apple ID, make calls, and enter a new sim card. The best part is that you can do everything online in just a few minutes. So don’t waste any more time and check out this SafeUnlocks!

What is iCloud Activation lock?

What is iCloud Activation lock?
What is iCloud Activation lock?

iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that was introduced with iOS 7. It is designed to prevent anyone from using an iPhone or iPad if it is lost or stolen. When iCloud Activation Lock is turned on, the device can only be used in the correct Apple ID and password are entered. If you try to unlock the device with a different Apple ID, it will ask for the password of the original owner.

What is the main problem?

The activation lock is also known as “iPhone locked to owner”, brings a lot of problems to iOS users. To start with, once the iCloud lock is on, you will need the previous owner’s iCloud account to use it again. With the present use of the internet, some people are selling activation locked devices which affect lots of users online worldwide.

This is not the fault of the user or the apple company overall. It is rather a new phenomenon in which the company has not yet come up with a solution and it is unlikely that will happen as it’ll be very hard to deal with.

If you happen to buy an iCloud locked iOS device, you will not be able to use it at all. The iCloud activation lock will prevent you to use any features and thus it will be worthless and unusable.

iCloud removal service

Use the best tool Online
Use the best tool Online

SafeUnlocks is the most efficient tool to unlock iCloud activation lock without any technical knowledge. SafeUnlocks iCloud removal services allow anyone to remove the previous iCloud account and therefore have a fully unlocked iOS device.

Remove the iCloud Activation lock

Using SafeUnlocks lock removal services will allow you to unlock your device permanently and safely. We offer a service that is fast, easy, and reliable. We have helped many people unlock their devices and we can help you too!

If you are looking for an iCloud removal service, SafeUnlocks is the best option available. Our excellent service and years of experience made us the best iCloud unlock services worldwide.

Service unlock iCloud in action

Service unlock iCloud
Learn how to use it

Now that you know that you can use our iCloud unlock service without any problem. We will explain to you step by step how to use our iCloud activation lock removal tool in a few steps so you can use your Apple devices once again. We recommend watching the video below to understand how everything works.

Get started

To begin with, you will need to enter our unlocking services on our official page. We will leave a button below with the official link to enter the tool.

Fill out the form

You will be asked about some basic information to get your unlock process started. This information is easy to fill out, make sure you have the locked device with you to do it. The information required will be the following:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Device model (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch)
  • IMEI Number or Serial Number
  • Accept terms and conditions

Double-check the information of the Apple device as well as your information. This is crucial for the activation lock removal service as a Dummy ID will be generated specifically for the device submitted.

Verify your order

To remove iCloud activation lock with us, you are required to verify your order. We have created this safety layer to prevent abusive use of our service. To activate your order, create an account with a third-party service. They will provide a reference code confirming your order, a copy will be sent to your email as proof. This is an open service meant to be used by individuals and not companies. We do not allow the use of our tool commercially.

Activate your order

Take the reference code and introduce it onto the “Enter it here to continue” box. You will receive a confirmation on the page if the code introduced was correct. Now all you have to do is to wait a few minutes for a Dummy ID to be sent to your email address.

Enter your Dummy ID

Take the iCloud locked device and enter the information sent to your email. You must have received an iCloud Address along with a password. The information sent is known as a dummy ID, it contains no personal information and can only be used to unlock the device once. Follow the configuration steps asked by apple until you reach the home screen on your iOS device.

Enjoy a fully unlock device

As you read the unlocking process is very simple. Now is your turn to get your iCloud activation-locked device usable again. We recommend resetting the device and entering or creating your own Apple id (iCloud ID).

Benefits of using SafeUnlocks

What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

When using the unlock iCloud lock feature by SafeUnlocks, you are fully unlocking the device to be used as you please once the process is over. This is a list of the main benefits of our service:

  • Works on any iOS devices
  • Works on any iOS version
  • Place calls or sends messages
  • Download apps on the App Store
  • Your warranty will remain (If still active)

There is no good reason not to use the iCloud unlocking service by SafeUnlocks. Enjoy your device and get rid of the annoying lock screen which does not let you enjoy your iOS device.

Does it work on any iPhone?

Yes, this is a universal iCloud activation lock removal service. It does not matter the version or the device model you are trying to unlock. We will leave below the most popular devices unlocked with SafeUnlocks:

  • Unlock iPhone xs max
  • Unlock iPhone XR
  • Unlock iPhone 12
  • Unlock iPhone 11

Unlock any iPhone models using our Online tool. Any model is compatible with our service and we will ensure that your unlock goes as smooth as possible.

Is it safe to the iCloud unlock service by SafeUnlocks?

Yes, our service is safe to use and we have a team of professionals ready to help you with any doubts or questions you might have. We also offer customer support in case the service does not work for your device.

Does it cost to use the tool?

This service was created to be used by anyone. We have created the most affordable removal tool. Our price lies at only $1 on any location worldwide. If you are unsure about using the service, feel free to contact our team that will answer all your doubts about the service.