How to unlock iCloud locked iPhone

How to unlock iCloud locked iPhone is now possible Online using SafeUnlocks. Get rid of the iCloud activation lock in a few steps without any advanced knowledge and the best part is that it only cost $1.

How to Unlock iCloud locked iPhone?

How to unlock iCloud locked iPhone
How to access it

SafeUnlocks offers an easy and affordable service for anyone trying to unlock an iCloud locked device. This method does not involve downloading any type of software as everything is done online. To remove the iCloud lock, simply access our tool by clicking on the button below.

Complete the form

For this service to remove the iCloud activation lock you will be required to enter some basic information to get started with the unlock process. Do not worry, this information is very easy to get and we will explain to you what you need to have:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Device Model (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch)
  • IMEI or Serial Number
  • Accept terms and conditions

How to get the IMEI number?

We will assume you are stuck on the iCloud activation lock screen for simplicity purposes. To get your IMEI or Serial Number you will need to do the following:

  • Turn off the screen of your iOS device
  • Turn on the screen
  • Find the little “i” icon on the bottom right of your device
  • Obtain and copy that information.

Complete Membership ID

If you want to remove iCloud lock, you will be asked to obtain a membership ID. This ID will verify your identity and will help us prevent abusive use of the platform, this app is only meant to be used personally and not comercially. We understand this is a minor inconvenience for a lot of users but help us stay online to provide a safe and easy unlock of any iOS devices.

Activate your order

Once the membership ID step is completed, you will receive a code containing the membership ID code which is used to activate your request. If everything is correct you will receive a new email containing a Dummy ID in a few minutes.

Get your Dummy ID

Now that you have completed all the steps on the platform, the last step is for you to get your Dummy ID which contains an iCloud account and an iCloud password generated exclusively for the device you have selected. This Apple ID does not contain any of information of the original owner, or any type of personal data for this matter.

Unlock your Device

To start the unlocking process, simply enter the iCloud details sent to you in the email. Make sure you are connected to the internet either via a WiFi network or USB cable for the Apple server to activate your device. Complete the step-up process until you land on the ‘Welcome to iPhone’ screen.

Who can access this service?

Unlock iCloud from any country
Worldwide service

This service can be used by anyone who has forgotten their password or bought a second-hand phone that was locked by the previous owner and is unable to retrieve the old Apple ID and password. Everyone is welcome to remove the iCloud lock regardless of the iOS device model or country of residency.

What are the main benefits of SafeUnlocks?

Unlock iCloud Safely
Learn all the benefits

Now you know how to unlock iCloud locked iPhone, but what are the main benefits of SafeUnlocks? We will briefly explain the main characteristic that makes the service the most competitive and affordable service on the market.

Place phone calls

After unlocking your device you will be able to make and receive phone calls without any type of restrictions. This is something unique that no bypass iCloud activation lock offers to their users.

Enter your own iCloud account

You will be able to create and enter your own iCloud account after completing the unlock process. This is a huge relief as users can use their own data or even sell the device for a higher price as the iPhone is now fully unlocked.

Use cellular data

You will be able to use the cellular data network without any type of restrictions. This is one of the main benefits that our users look for as it allows them to have a fully functional iPhone.

Works on any iOS versions

There is no limit to the iOS versions that our service works on. You can use any type of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without any worries. It also does not restrict users from certain countries to access the service.

User-friendly platform

Easy iCloud unlock
The easiest platform for iCloud unlock

The best part about SafeUnlocks is that your can get rid of the iCloud lock screen from any device that has a browser and internet connection on it, you will be able to do it on:

  • Unlock iCloud using a Windows computer
  • Unlock iCloud using Mac Computer
  • Unlock iCloud using Android device
  • Unlock iCloud using iPhone

This software was made to do the iCloud unlock process much easier for any user, as you only need a few minutes and some internet connection to get the job done.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use our service. We have been in the business for many years and we have a very good reputation on the market. Thousands of users trust us every day with their devices and they are always satisfied with our service.

How much does it cost?

The price for SafeUnlocks is only $1, which is a very affordable price when you compare it to other services that are available on the market. We want to make sure that everyone has access to our service and that is why we have this low price for anyone who wants to use it.

Work on any iOS based devices

We already talked about this, but it is worth mentioning again. The service works on any iOS device no matter what the version or the iOS version it has. You can use this to your advantage and unlock any device that you have without any problems.