Best Guide to Remove iCloud Lock on iPhone X 

One of the most remarkable security features that Apple has enabled on iOS devices is the iCloud activation lock, this lock prevents unauthorized access to the iPhone’s information by locking the screen and requesting authentication of the Apple ID and password of the iCloud account associated with the device. 

Now, it is fair to ask, what happens to people who purchased locked refurbished or second-hand devices without noticing and are now stuck with this iCloud restriction? or, what happens with those who lost access to their old iCloud account? Let’s see how to remove iCloud lock on iPhone X and why is SafeUnlocks is the best solution when dealing with these cases!

Why is my Refurbished/Second-Hand iOS Device iCloud Locked?

Why is my Refurbished/Second-Hand iOS Device iCloud Locked?
Why is my Refurbished/Second-Hand iOS Device iCloud Locked?

Something to understand about refurbished (fully functional phones that have any minor damage repaired and sold by carriers, manufacturers, or retailers) and second-hand (used phones sold by their previous owners) devices, is that those are not completely new and can therefore come with certain locks like this.

People usually think that only second-hand devices can be iCloud locked because the phone was already used by someone else, but it is necessary to take in mind that refurbished devices could have had a previous owner as well (sometimes refurbished phones were devices returned by a first purchaser for some kind of failure and then repaired and sold by the manufacturer).

All in all, if you are experiencing this issue it is because the iPhone X that you bought was already associated with an iCloud account and the previous proprietary has not eliminated the handset from it.

What does the Previous Owner of my iPhone have to do to Fix the iCloud Lock?

If you were able to contact the owner of the iCloud account on your phone, the person has access to the account and is willing to help you fix the lock, here is what they have to do:

  • If you and the seller can meet personally, the iCloud account holder will need to enter their Apple ID and password on the phone, then remove their iCloud account from the device, and factory reset the device.
  • To unlock the device remotely, the iCloud account holder will need to log into their account from their Mac or any PC with a Wi-Fi connection and click on “my devices” (the option is located on top of the screen). They will see a list of the Apple devices associated with that account, it is just a matter of selecting the one they sold to you and eliminating it from the account. 

How do I Recover my iCloud’s Apple ID and Password? 

How do I Recover my iCloud's Apple ID and Password? 
How do I Recover my iCloud’s Apple ID and Password? 

If you are the initial proprietor of the locked iPhone X, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, or iOS device but happened to forget your old account’s credentials, there are some options you have to regain access to it and remove the lock:

  • If you have your iCloud account open on a trusted device, you can easily remove the locked handset from the iOS devices associated with it. Also, you can change your iCloud password from that trusted device if needed (without having to complete the two-factor authentication).
  • If you don’t have access to your account at all but remember which is your Apple ID (you just forgot your password), you can simply reset the password by going to Apple’s “iForgot” module.
  • If you don’t remember which is your iCloud’s Apple ID either, Apple has also an option on their “iForgot” website to find and recover your Apple ID by entering your email address and answering some questions.

Can Apple’s Customer Support Team Help me Remove the Activation Lock?

Activation Lock Support Request
Activation Lock Support Request

If you are unable to recover your account, you can place an activation lock support request by clicking here. However, there are some aspects to consider before asking Apple to remove your iPhone X activation lock:

  • You need to be the original owner of the device,
  • They won’t help you remove the activation lock if the phone is in lost mode.
  • The process can take up to 10 business days.
  • If the lock is successfully removed, all the information on your iPhone will be deleted.
  • You’ll need to present proof of purchase and the supporting documents they ask for (lots of paperwork).

SafeUnlocks: The Best way to Remove iCloud Lock on iPhone X

SafeUnlocks: The Best way to Remove iCloud Lock on iPhone X
SafeUnlocks: The Best way to Remove iCloud Lock on iPhone X

If none of the previous methods worked for you, then SafeUnlocks is the solution you are looking for. This online platform was designed to remove iCloud activation locks without Apple ID or password and we can guarantee we’ll help you bypass iCloud lock from your computer without having to download apps or install anything on your computer.

SafeUnlocks’ iCloud Activation Lock Removal: Benefits 

  • You can unlock any iOS version of every locked iPhone or iPad.
  • Our software doesn’t require you to jailbreak the device. 
  • This is a full and permanent unlock, you’ll be able to enter your new Apple ID and enjoy all the iCloud features of your device.
  • To disable activation locks in minutes, you only need your IMEI number and email address.
  • Our iCloud unlock services are available 24/7.
  • SafeUnlocks‘ iCloud removal service only costs $1.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with SafeUnlocks

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with SafeUnlocks
How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with SafeUnlocks

To remove the activation lock on your iPhone you’ll need to have ready a valid, active, and working email address and the IMEI number of the iPhone to be unlocked because that’s the very first information you’ll need to enter on our easy-to-use program before getting started (you’ll also need to enter your name and the model of your iOS device).

To start the process, visit, and from the “services” list at the top of the page, select the “iCloud Unlock” option. Fill out the form on-screen and activate the order by clicking on “Proceed”, after that you’ll need to create your username and password (for security reasons) and generate the $1 payment that corresponds to the iCloud lock removal process.

If you already made the $1 payment, just follow the instructions to complete the unlock and after you are finished, restart the iOS phone (the whole process won’t take more than 30 minutes).