iCloud locked iPhones: How to Unlock them easy

There are many iCloud locked iPhones out there. The most common cause is when the iCloud account has been deactivated or deleted for various reasons. Another possible reason is that iCloud was disabled by the user, not realizing all data will be lost. So here we’re going to talk about how to fix an iCloud locked phone and what you can do if your iCloud account has been deactivated or deleted.

What is the activation lock?

iCloud locked iPhones
iCloud locked iPhones: How to Unlock them easy 4

When iCloud is enabled on an apple device, the user has to enter their iCloud account details when setting up the phone. If iCloud is not be able to find matching ids in its database it will lock down your iPhone. This prevents any unauthorized use of your iCloud data which includes photos, contacts and more sensitive information.

What are iCloud lock symptoms?

When iCloud is activated, your phone will be locked down. You’ll see the following screen : “to continue to use iPhone you must verify your iCloud account.” Followed by a message that says ‘enter password for iCloud’. If iCloud has been deactivated, iCloud locked or you’ve simply forgotten your password, there are several ways to fix the iCloud lock.

Is my device worthless?

You could say so, but there is always hope. iCloud unlock tools are available on the internet, but be aware that the process can take several days and you’ll have to pay a fee for it. So if your iCloud account has been deactivated or deleted and you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary we suggest using our iCloud Unlock service which works with any device.

How to solve it using SafeUnlocks

Fix iCloud lock
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SafeUnlocks offers an iCloud Unlock Online app which can be used on icloud locked devices. Our service is fast, easy and affordable to use! There are no complicated steps involved in the process of unlocking iCloud using SafeUnlocks online tool which makes it more cost effective for users without any technical skills required at all. We simply require some basic information from you such as your IMEI and some other information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Device
  • Status of device
  • IMEI

It is as simple as that, our platform was made to be used by anyone without technical knowledge. Fill out the information, follow the easy steps and enter the information sent to you.

Frequent questions and answers

Frequent questions
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Is it safe to use?

Yes, you can trust our iCloud unlocker service. We use the latest technology to provide you with a fast and easyunlocking process that is 100% safe for your device without any damage or data loss involved!

How long will it take?

Once we receive all information, an email containing instructions on how to proceed will be sent to your email. This unlock process only takes a few minutes to complete!

How can I be sure it works?

We guarantee that our iCloud unlocking service will work with any locked device, we have no exceptions and refunds are not granted once the purchase is completed – so please make sure you provide us with correct locked device information.

Is it legal to use?

Yes, iCloud unlock is entirely legal and SafeUnlocks iCloud service will not affect your device warranty or damage any data on it.

Will I be able to update my iPhone?

Yes, once the iCloud lock has been removed you’ll have full access to all features of iOS including iCloud backup, icloud drive, icloud photos, iCloud contacts and much more!

Will it affect my phone?

No, the iCloud unlock process is entirely safe for your device. It will not have any negative effect on its warranty or cause damage to it in any way. SafeUnlocks iCloud tool can be used multiple times so you won’t have to worry about that!

Is iCloud locked device support automatic updates?

Yes, once your iCloud account is activated you’ll be able to update your iOS as normal through the Software Update menu option in Settings app.

Will iCloud still work after unlocking it?

Yes, our iCloud tool will not interfere with iCloud account, you’ll be able to restore iCloud backup and use iCloue drive as per usual.