How to remove activation lock without previous owner

Are you looking for a way to remove activation lock without previous owner? Then this is the article for you! We will explain how to remove activation lock from an iOS device using SafeUnlocks’ online unlocking tool. This is a permanent unlock which will remove the iCloud activation lock screen, this process will only take from 3-5 minutes once your understand it.

How to remove activation lock without previous owner

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The first thing that you need to know is that removing the icloud lock using SafeUnlocks does not require any sort of software. Meaning, you can use our online services from any device as you will only be asked for a browser and an internet connection.

Get started

Before you start the activation lock removal, you need to understand how the whole process works. This will ensure that you can remove the previous owner apple id sucessfully in just minutes. As we mentioned before you will need a browser and an internet connection. On top of that you will need some information in order to get the unlocking.

Information needed

Please make sure to fill out the information correctly on the form as this is needed to remove icloud activation lock on the correct iOS device. Have the following information with you while doing the process:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Device model (iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch)
  • IMEI Number or Serial Number

Verify that the information is correct before submitting your request, as this will help avoid any issues caused by an incorrect email or IMEI.

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How to get IMEI or Serial Number?

For this specific case we will assume you are on the iCloud activation lock screen. To get your IMEI or Serial Number, you will need to press the sleep button once and turn it back on again. Once the device is turned on, find the “i” icon on the bottom right of the screen, this will send you to a screen where all information of the device is displayed.

Get a membership ID

Once you double check all information on the form, simply press the proceed button. You will get an unique order with the information submitted on the request. To activate this order you will be asked to get a membership ID. You will find a video on the order page that will solve all your doubts on how to do the process.

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Activate your order

Once you are done with the sign up process, you will receive a membership ID on your email. Enter the membership ID on the form to activate the order, if everything is correct a “start order” button will appear on the page. Simply press the button and wait for your Dummy ID to arrive.

iPhone locked to owner
Activate your order

Unlock Device

If everything is correct, you will receive a new email containing and apple id – password, this is known as Dummy ID. This is a temporary ID that will remove the previous owner’s icloud account safely. This ID does not contain private information and will unlock the device permanently

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Why using SafeUnlocks?

remove activation lock without previous owner
remove activation lock without previous owner

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have a second hand iOS device. We are aware that it is hard to get the previous iCloud account, especially when you buy it online or that phone is so old you simply forgot the password. This is where SafeUnlocks comes handy as you will not need any technical knowledge or download any weird software from the internet.

SafeUnlocks is not a simple bypass activation lock tool, this tool will remove apple id from the device permanently. It will not affect the guarantee of the phone and will allow your to get apple support or repair in case you need it at the apple store.

Wheter you want to get rid of an iPhone activation lock, remove iCloud from an iPod touch or iPad, we got it all in one simply tool. Remember this is not a bypass iCloud activation lock tool, all our unlocks are permanent and will allow you to use the full potential of your device.

Works on all iOS devices

This method works on all iOS devices and will allow you to remove icloud activation lock from any model regarless of the year or iOS version. Removing the activation lock has never been easier.

Remove iCloud activation lock screen today

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Get your unlock today, we have a huge success rate and all our customers are satisfied, so you will likely be one of them. In case if the device is not unlock after it has been submitted in less than 30 minutes contact us immediately as there might be some issues with the order. Send us a support request about the locked device and we will solve as soon as possible.

Onscreen instructions (Video) is available in order to remove iPhone activation lock screen or any other iOS device where you are to remove the activation lock. The steps are the same as previously described on this article and will help you remove icloud activation lock without any hassle.